Rural Liquid Fertilisers Asia

We are an Australian Company that operates in China and parts of Asia. Our business is the China-based manufacture, packaging and distribution of Australian-developed RLF Specialty Liquid Fertiliser products for the Asia marketplace.

The Company operates predominately in China, but has the rights to operate in 19 other countries in the greater Asia region, with small scale sales already occurring in some of these countries. The size of the market in which the Company can distribute its products represents approximately 28.6% of global crop production (based on 2017 data), and current statistical trends indicate upward pressure and demand for agricultural products as the emerging middle class across the Asia-Pacific region increases.

Over 10-years in China

Asia’s Agricultural Growth

With over 10-years of experience in the China market, Rural Liquid Fertilisers Asia Ltd (RLF Asia) is committed to growing its business across many more Asian countries and markets. RLF Asia holds the perpetual rights for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of Australian-developed RLF Products in China and 19 other countries in the Asia region. Logistically, we are well placed to service and supply these new markets, and it is with a sense of optimism and determination that we will endeavour to establish our presence. RLF Asia has been created to help us to achieve that purpose.

Our aim is to look positively at Every Opportunity to form Partnerships that will give customers access to the widest range possible of RLF Specialty Fertilisers.

Vision and Values

At RLF Asia we are dedicated to building a vibrant and successful network, that places the interests of our customers first as they strive to play their valuable part in food supply and security to their respective markets.

This sense of purpose is commonly shared by all RLF Asia Team Members.

Our aim is to deliver the values of 'Customer First', Professionalism, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Innovation & Sustainability and Enthusiasm for the benefit of farmers and growers across the Asia Region.

Early Australian

In 2007 RLF became one of the early Australian Specialty Fertiliser Companies to set-up in China and successfully establish an integrated manufacture, sales and distribution business by selling directly into the China market.

Our aim is to secure the position as the No.1 Australian Specialty Fertiliser Company across the Asia Region.

Plant Nutrition Products

RLF Asia operates accredited Quality Assured practices for its packaging and sales systems at its facility in Kaifeng, China. This facility has developed and expanded over the years to support the demand for supply to its markets.

Our aim is to provide this same level of Product Quality and Excellence across the Asia Region.

Why the Asia Market

Regional Summary

The Asia region:

  • is a dominant component of the global food chain, accounting for 19% of total global food and agriculture exports and 31% of total food and agriculture imports.
  • has a large and growing population, coupled with rising incomes and a burgeoning middle class which will continue to drive demand for food and agricultural commodities
    and resources.
  • is at risk of not producing enough food to support itself. It has limited arable land, inadequate water, poor resource management, low farm yield and environmental impact factors such as soil degradation and aging, inadequate infrastructure. These all limit food production, so production efficiency is needed.
  • needs its agribusiness and food and agriculture companies to grow in size and scope to meet the increasing demand. It is likely they will position themselves to respond to national priorities and policies in this regard.
Acknowledgement made to source material from FAO and Rabobank Research 2016


Board and Executive Management Team

Corporate Governance

The Company has adopted the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd Edition) as issued by the ASX Corporate Governance Council, and as such, its principles and processes will be reflective of this document.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors will provide the strategic guidance to the Company (and its related bodies corporate), bring effective oversight to management, and provide a sound base for a culture of good corporate governance within the Company.

The Company has adopted formal policies for dealing with a range of Corporate Governance issues, including (but not limited to) policies for:

Because of the size and nature of the Company’s operations, any departure from the Principles and Recommendations, as adopted, will be clearly set out with their reasons established within the Prospectus or its Annual Reports (as it is required to do as a listed entity).

The reputation of RLF's Specialty Fertilisers in China is based on many years of selling product into this marketplace to a wide range of new and returning customers.

The News Articles that appear on the News Feed to the left showcase their successes, their problems, their struggles with environmental factors and their farm trial outcomes. The News Articles also feature the important milestones, acknowledgments and recognition of the hard-working and passionate RLF Team.

Other Sites

RLF Global

Global website for all RLF Specialty Liquid Fertiliser products. This site provides access to product materials, including; SDS, technical data and technical bulletins, application rates and methods, compatibility information, trial or evaluation data or results and product
news and videos.

RLF China

Established since 2007, and operating an integrated
manufacturing and sales business for RLF Specialty
Liquid Fertiliser products throughout China.
RLF China has strong operational capacity and will play an
integral role for RLF Asia.
Established to manufacture, package and
distribute a range of RLF Specialty Liquid Fertiliser
products to a potential 20 countries within
the Asia Region, including the world’s
biggest market, China.
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